Golden Scalers Testimonials:

“Once you have seen the meticulous care and TLC offered to your residents by Darci Trill of Golden Scalers, you will never settle for less. Your residents deserve the best.”
-Jeanne Charon Social Services
-Director Park Central Care & Rehabilitation

“Darci Trill of Golden Scalers has been a God-send. She works with many insurance agencies including Medi-Cal. She is prompt and efficient. Both residents and their families give her high praise which is comforting to me.”
-Anne-Marie Prevo Social Services
-Director Convalescent Hospital in the Bay Area
“Big time appreciation to Golden Scalers Mobile Dental Hygiene Services! Darci is not only skilled and quick, but does wonderfully with the elders with dementia.”
- Celine Carcellar Operations Manager
-Tiffany Gardens Social Service Coordinator-Silver Oak Manor

“Golden Scalers Dental Mobile Hygiene Service is the most valuable service that we have added to our program. Our client’s lives and well being have improved greatly since Darci has started to visit their facilities. She has eased their fear as well as given them brighter smiles.”

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